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No sector has adopted drone technology as quickly and comprehensively as AEC; architects, construction professionals and engineers have long appreciated the value of UAVs in the field. We work closely with architects, construction project managers, engineers and urban planners to provide data that moves their projects forward. 
What does this mean for your industry? 



GENERAL CONSTRUCTION: Hawkeye Workshop conducts pre-construction surveys to help stakeholders accurately assess terrain and anticipate potential project challenges. This information is critical for construction planning and accurate bidding. When work is underway, we provide site monitoring services that allow project managers to monitor changes, conduct stockpile volumetrics and assess subcontractors’ work in real time. We also safely and cost-effectively inspect structures before, during and after construction. 


ROOFING: Manual roof inspections can be extremely dangerous. The more information that can be gathered using UAVs, the better. Hawkey Workshop uses  infrared imaging to locate leaks, and assess energy loss and moisture intrusion. We also conduct debris and water runoff analysis. 



ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE: Traditional survey methods are costly, time-consuming and sometimes unnecessary. Hawkeye Workshop can provide detailed point clouds, surveys, and as-built 3-D models so architects and civil engineers can better visualize and plan. 

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