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More and more, the energy sector is utilizing UAVs to make infrastructure inspections safer and more efficient. Hawkeye Workshop has experience working with a range of energy providers in numerous capacities.
Data collection


Electric utilities, oil and gas, cell towers, solar, and wind energy all have different data needs. We work with our clients to collect exactly what they’re looking for and provide customers with the option to view data collection in real time using streaming and geotagging services. 


Data processing


Hawkeye Workshop has developed standard operating procedures and methods to optimize data analysis. We provide customers with the highest quality thermal images, 3D mapping and modeling services and orthographic and digital terrain maps. We can supply reports that gives you actionable insights into the state of your infrastructure quickly and inexpensively.


What does this mean for your industry? 

ELECTRIC UTILITIES: Transmission and distribution line data collection and analysis of high-voltage structures. We also can collect data on substations and vegetation encroachment, all to ensure the safety and reliability of your infrastructure. 

SOLAR: We can reduce the need for manual measurement-taking by conducting quick and accurate pre-installation surveys. We can also inspect panels with thermal cameras to pinpoint dead spots or faulty cells,  and locate debris and other impediments that affect efficiency. 

WIND: Hawkeye Workshop provides up-close data collection to minimize the need for manned inspections and thus, minimizing risk to crews. Customers use collected information to track performance and target needed repairs. 

OIL AND GAS: Unlike dangerous and complicated manned inspections, sUAS surveys provide data on areas workers can’t safely and easily reach. We help our customers conduct structural defect inspections that locate problems quickly

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